I make customized equipment for amateurs, enthusiasts, and experts. Consultation is free so contact me with your idea!


  • Carpentry – I’m also a professional carpenter. I can make anything from small carved pieces to St. Andrews crosses.
  • Electronics – I can make anything from LED decorations to fully programmed PCBs.
  • Leather – The majority of the examples here are leatherwork.
  • Metalwork – I don’t have access to a forge, but I can shape and grind metal to suit your purposes anyway.
  • Painting – If you want something with a little extra art to it.
  • Sewing – I am also a cosplay enthusiast and can make you some kinky costumes.
  • Software – I went to WSU for a degree in computer science. I can write software in just about any language and for a very wide range of purposes.

Impact Toys

An impact toy is a toy used to strike another person for the gratification of both people involved. Impact toys typically run anywhere from $30 to $200.


Generally the types are thuddy and stingy. In my experience the most common ones are floggers, paddles, and belts.


Bigger toys tend to produce a heavier impact, while smaller toys are sometimes easier to control. Though you are welcome to give whatever specific measurements you want, you don’t have to. The most important things I’m interested in are:

  • Do you want a long handle, a short one, or somewhere in between?
  • Whether talking about the falls, loop, or paddle blade, how big are you looking for?


I can work with wood, leather, cloth, plastic, circuits, and metal.

  • What do you want the grip to be made of?
  • What do you want the striking end to be made of?
  • What else do you want on there? LEDs on the handle? Studs on the belt loop?


  • Handle Counterweight: By moving the center of balance backwards on the handle, the control of the toy improves without changing how heavy the hit is. This is particularly useful on bigger toys.
  • Handle Loop: Something to hang the flogger with.
  • Thematic Aesthetics: Whether creating a cat of nine mice for your kitty-themed friend, or the striking with the pansexual flag, customized floggers are fun with a little aesthetics thrown in.
  • Double-sided toy: Why not use the back end of the toy as a baton? Why not make it a dildo? You could even be the only person around with a double flogger! It’s not always useful, but it can be fun.

Bondage Toys

If you’re looking for a unique “gag gift” as my partner called it, why not create a customized bit of bondage?

Everything can be customized, and it is up to you. The easiest way to figure out what you’re looking for is to simply tell me how you want to restrain your sub. Everything will be designed with the ability to remove it quickly when the safeword is given.